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By Clunia Studio (me). Very short AC Jam project. Made in a few hours using Adventure Creator, plus a lot of my own custom made actions or other scripts (short music track is also mine). I tried to turn the theme around to something like the character being the one who chose the wrong person to rely the message, thus causing chaos for his kingdom (and making him lose his life). Though, sadly the project is just a starting point as it is.


WASD or arrow keys move the player. Space bar to jump. Left shift for running.

Left click changes dialogue. Also used to interact with prompts when they open.

Oh, and just to make sure you don't miss anything, small walkthrough:

1. Hear the first conversation.

2. Talk to everyone and exhaust all dialogue.

3. Walk back to Mars.

4. Talk to everyone again.

Each edge of the world has a prompt too, right at the center area.

Published Apr 17, 2017
Made withUnity
Tagspc, prototype, Unity

Install instructions

unpack. Play.


LostSpirits-v0.zip 41 MB
LostSpirits-v0.1.zip 41 MB